A selection of exclusive wines!

Members of the Natural Wines Club have exclusive access to unique wines not available anywhere else in Sweden.

The Natural Wines Club members receive access to a regular selection of wine producers based on our discoveries and encounters. Our relations with the winemakers are based on mutual trust.

The price rates advantages!

- Benefit from free shipping for orders of 24 bottles or more.
- Enjoy a special "Club" rate on special offers regularly proposed to members.
- Enjoy discounts on organized tours with our partner wineries in Europe, South America and North America.

The tasting evenings!

Sign up in preview and at privileged conditions to our Natural Wines Club's tasting evenings.

Come discover with friends the wines we carefully select for you in a prestigious and original sphere.

Discovery of vineyards!

Each year, the Natural Wines Club organizes 1 or 2 tours allowing you to discover exceptional vineyards and winemakers.

Program for the year 2016 :
- Spring - GEORGIA: Discover the Georgians vineyards.
- Summer - FRANCE: Discover the Provencal vineyards.

Quarterly selections!

Every season (spring, summer, autumn and winter) our subscriber members receive a selection of wines.

Receive quarterly a case with 6 discovery bottles , carefully selected by our passionate winemakers who love their land and their products. Several options are available.